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Cyber Security has become business risk,

Rather than technology issue.

SwiftSafe offer clients to not only protect their IT infrastructure and data. But, we also help them to run their IT Security initiatives through our cyber security solutions and help them to build a more secure working world by providing expert guidance and value-added services to organizations. We address the challenges of finding vulnerabilities, data breach and incident response with our dedicated and highly – skilled cyber security team. We evaluate existing IT Infrastructure and develop defensive strategies to protect as per best practices which are customized as per your data security needs. Our Information Security team who are real-time hackers has wider and deep industry knowledge to identify and analyze the gaps and loopholes in your Network, Servers and End User Systems.

Why SwiftSafe?

  • Expertise Professionals

    Passionate team of certified professionals, experienced in security testing and mastering new testing techniques.

  • Expertise penetration testing

    We are not just another penetration testing company. We have our own vulnerability management system.

  • Fast – Personalized security Services

    We provide personalized Information security services as per your requirement and infrastructure.

  • Comprehensive Reports

    Report will include critical findings of hacked areas along with its importance in compromising environment.

Our Services



Penetration testing

Security As Service

Incident Response

Security audit is a systematic measurable technical assessment of an entity, which can be a system, application, Device or Infrastructure. Usually these assessments are done in form of manual and automated measures. Where manual measures include interviewing staff, performing security vulnerability scans, reviewing configurations, logs and functional attributes. And, automated assessment methods involve system generated audit report or using software to monitor and report changes to files and settings on a system.

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Compliance reduces RISK – Protect your business from RISK by ensuring your computer security standards are COMPLIANT. Security & Compliance Are Not the Same -Proper cyber security protects your information from threats by controlling how that information is used, consumed and provided. In comparison, compliance is a demonstration — a reporting function — of how your security program meets specific security standards as laid out by regulatory organizations such as PCI, HIPAA or the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

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Penetration testing with our company lets you find the weaknesses in your system before a malicious actor does. With a combination of elite attack researchers and automated penetration testing tools, we can help to quickly identify points of failure and paths that are vulnerable to exploitation, and provide recommendations for how to remediate them. Our penetration testing engagements identify the threats to your organization, key assets that may be at risk, and the threat agents that may attempt to compromise them.

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The widespread popularity of cloud computing has given rise to a new generation of security platforms and providers known as Security-as-a-service, or SECaaS. Security-as-a-service providers usually function the same way as a SaaS provider, they charge a monthly subscription fee to reduce cost burden for outsourced services. But instead of providing access to a tool or platform, they provide protection for your apps, data, and operations that run in the cloud. When all of your applications, storage, and infrastructure

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Incident response is an organized approach to addressing and managing the aftermath of a security breach or attack (also known as an incident). The goal is to handle the situation in a way that limits damage and reduces recovery time and costs. An incident response plan includes a policy that defines, in specific terms, what constitutes an incident and provides a step-by-step process that should be followed when an incident occurs. An organization's incident response is conducted by the computer incident response team.

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How SwiftSafe Empowers Your Company

Tech Support
24/7 Live Tech-Support to resolve issues with Email and Call.
Vulnerability Alerts
Researchers will alerts 0day Vulnerabilities to secure.
Live Monitoring
Real-Time Scanners will Monitor to secure your Company.
Incident Response
Our Team will restore the systems, Detect the attack vectors Origin.
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I have work on complex job with SwiftSafe and I received great service and Professional job from team. I will be happy to work with them again. Thanks a lot

- Tagit CEO Barlev, Israel.

SwiftSafe clients

@SwiftSafe really deliver a great service to detect & eliminate hacks & malicious code.
SwiftSafe security experts helped to gain greater insights regarding remediation for our developers.

- Ekgeo CEO Ekambar Rao, India.

@SwiftSafe I'm impressed your team work while implemenation of HIPAA complaince.
Your team deliver exactly morethan what I expect within time.

- TrueIT LLC Owen Marinas, Florida.

I can Recommend SwiftSafe Team for Cyber security. They given detailed report on Company Applications and networks vulnerabilities to secure. really it's a great team work,

- TuTecnoVida CEO Kike Garcia, Spain.

@SwiftSafe provides a range of IT security & consulting. Which helps to Secure Applications & Networks with Real time attacks with full proof of solutions.

- Benjamin Mosse, Australia.

I never thought about cyber security nor understood it very well untill SwiftSafe appeared. They conducted test simulated what a hacker would do in real life situation to exploit my defence weakness, it was eye opening and helped me pipoint areas for improvement.

- QuikOrder COO Pramod, India